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Keir Watson

Writer | Teacher | Speaker

About Keir’s writing with an emphasis on his books: Unknowing and First Person Singularity

#Philosophy #Spirituality #Meditation

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An Englishman’s Garden Adventures

A photo journal recording the development of the gardens around Rosemary Cottage, West Sussex, England

#Photography #Garden Design #DIY Shed

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Rosemary Cottage Clinic

Afifah Hamilton MNIMH

Clinical Nutrition | Herbal Medicine

Website for a private clinic offering alternative medicine, lab testing and treatment for general health with a specialism in autoimmune and cardiovascular disease

#Nutritionist #Blood tests #Herbal Medicine

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Rosemary Cottage Clinic Blog

Nutrition in the light of human evolution

Nutrition Articles | Recipes

In depth, scientifically referenced articles about the medical application of nutrition with a focus on Paleo, Ketogenic, and Gluten-free diets